Scholarships & Grants

MAER Mini-Grant and Application Process

The MAER Mini-Grant will not exceed $2000.00 per year and is disseminated at the discretion of the MAER Board of Directors. Grants will be awarded to eligible applicants. The MAER Board reserves the right to retract the grant if set requirements are not met by the applicant or yearly funding is not available.


Every year, MAER members have the opportunity to apply for mini-grants (2 total will be given away, up to $1,000 each) to implement programs, activities or projects related to the promotion, development and improvement of all phases of education and rehabilitation of the blind and visually impaired persons of all ages. The MAER Grant Committee looks for programs that are innovative and promote excellence by enriching the lives of individuals with visual impairment throughout Michigan.

The deadline for submitting mini-grant applications is January 6th. Members will be notified of award status by February 28th. All paperwork submitted for final review by the Grant Committee Chair by April 15th.

Guidelines for Members Completing Mini-Grant Applications:

  • Preference will be given to new grant recipients, sustainable activities, number of individuals impacted and new or creative ideas for providing enrichment to individuals with visual impairment.
  • Items purchased become the property of the school or agency.
  • Initial funding must be sourced from a local agency or district. Funds cannot be directly reimbursed to the grant recipient.
  • School district, building or agency administrators must approve the application as funding must originate from this level.
  • Any changes in approved mini grant requests must be approved by the Grant Committee Chair prior to those changes.
  • Repeat activities are discouraged and may not receive funding (Think Sustainable).
  • Please provide estimated costs of materials and goods as part of your application.
  • All expenditures/receipts must be within the date of award notification and grant reimbursement paperwork submission deadlines.
  • Specific items NOT ALLOWED: Alcohol, conferences, gift cards (unless as part of a large group activity- i.e.: Community or Family Engagement activity, Workshop), lottery tickets, personal items. 
  • A mini-grant may not financially benefit any individual member. Member/recipient may not be the reimbursement recipient.
  • The completed application must have a detailed description and cost of items requested and description of purpose of the mini-grant.
  • A rubric will be used in the selection process.
  • Email versions of paperwork/receipts and approvals are accepted.
  • Once decisions of Grant Awards are made recipients will be notified of the award amount approved.
  • Recipients will be required to provide an article for the MAER Newsletter that may be used at the annual conference, website, etc.  

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